Establishment of the Intellectual Property Fundamental Law in 2003 has resulted in promotion and execution of the Intellectual Property Strategic Program. The Intellectual Property Strategic Program identifies the three phases that comprise the intellectual creation cycle, namely, creation, protection, and exploitation of intellectual property.

We at Sanada and Associates provide our clients with timely and high-quality service in each phase of discovering and developing new technologies and innovations.

In the creation area of intellectual property, we support the promotion and creation of high-quality intellectual property both in Japanese companies and universities.

In the protection area of intellectual property, we support the acquisition of rights that are effective throughout the world, based on the companies’ strategies for intellectual property.

In the exploitation area of intellectual property, we support the practice of the rights mentioned above, as well as evaluation of the technique standard patent, brand protection, and enhancement of intellectual property management.

We believe that our specialization in areas such as technique comprehension, constant advancement of skill, clear and concise communication skills, solid support framework and ability to understand our clients’ positions all provide a solid foundation for the highest level of support in each phase of the intellectual property creation cycle. Our goal is to actualize and reinforce each area of our expertise to continue providing the best service available, and we are making every effort to pursue this goal.

Patent Attorney
Tamotsu Sanada

Patent Attorney
Tamotsu Sanada

Visiting professor of Tohoku University
Approved Evaluator of IPEC for 3G Patents Evaluation
Master’s Degree from the Department of Science and Engineering (Major in Electronic Engineering), Waseda University
Director-General of Training Institute of Japan Patent Attorneys Association (JPAA)

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